We work on all types of projects large and small and from time to time get asked to cater for the film industry.

Equip Rigging 10

In the summer of 2017 we have been busy working for the prop builders, of the hit TV series The Tunnel.

Equip Rigging 7  Equip Rigging 8

Our scaffolding was installed to secure the props into place, and to enable safe access for the film crews whist the filming was taking place.

The job was a total success from start to finish.

The client had nothing but praise’s for the Equip Scaffolding teams that work on the Rigging/Scaffolding, knowing the issues with access and egress every team member pulled together and worked safely; and put in extra time working out of normal working hours to keep the project on time.

Equip Rigging 6

On set

Equip Rigging 9

Equip Scaffolding Ltd TV Set 2017